Tutoring Program


Only 5% of the kids in our community meet state standards, but they really want to do better in school and are willing to work hard to improve. Beacon Place provides afterschool homework help and year round tutoring in math, reading, science, and computer coding to kids kindergarten through high school.

After School Homework Club

The After School Homework Club is our foundational academic support program for kids and takes place during the school year. Adult and teen volunteers tutor kids in a one-on-one setting or in small groups and focus on providing kids with homework help and academic support along with basic reading and math literacy. The After School Homework Club is driven by the work the school assigns to each child, there is no specific curriculum and no outside homework is given to the children. Each child receives a nutritious snack prior to beginning his or her homework and weekly special activities including arts and crafts, basic computer coding, and games make learning fun.

“I love Afterschool Homework Club! It helps me get my homework done and I get to do arts and crafts. I also get to go to the library.” – Roger, Age 11

 Beacon Tutoring Programs

The Beacon Place Tutoring Programs are a curriculum based enrichment program for students that requires a higher commitment from the student including assignments to be completed at home. Year round tutoring occurs 4 hours per week for up to 100 students enrolled afterschool and in the summer. Students in this program have shown significant progress and all have improved their academic records. All of the learning is hands on in small groups and involves thematic studies such as science and the environment, exploring Chicago, studying our justice systems, reading challenges and hands on experiments and problem solving, etc. Chromebooks, laptops, ipads, smartboards and projectors integrate technology into all learning ensuring that the students in our programs keep pace with tech access of their peers in other communities.

2016 Afterschool and Tutoring Programs Summary

  • More than 120 children enrolled in Afterschool Homework and Tutoring Programs
  • More than 30,000 hours of academic help was provided
  • 60 volunteers dedicated more than 6,000 hours working with student